Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Gift of Life

My response to the filmLife Blog challenge:

Hi, I am Simon's beating heart, and I now live in Jessica. Jessica had a genetic heart disease, she found out when she was 5, the doctors gave her 2 yrs to live. I have been with her for 10 yrs now, and I am hoping and I have plenty of years left in me... I have grown rather attached to Jessica 

Hi, I am Simon's functioning Kidney, tomorrow I celebrate my third birthday with Tim. Tim has 3 kids, Ollie, Emily and Georgia, he was run off the road by a drunk on the way Georgia's band recital. He would have never seen another recital if it wasn't for me. 

Hi, I am Simon, I hope that long after I am gone, my life's story can continue through the life's of people my Organs have saved. You never know my heart could be in the person that cures cancer... I would like that. 

I was only ever going to burn my organs into ashes anyways, but by registering my details on the Australian Organ Donor Register and talking to my family about my intentions, I could one day be able to give the gift of life. 

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