Saturday, 17 December 2011

Leadership Catch Phrase

What has been the catch phrase of your leadership career?

I have always been a fan of the phrase “Think long term, Act short term”, I think it was something my father told me. I believe it embraces two key aspects of good leadership which I’ll summarise like this: have a long term plan/strategy – it’s essential for creating a clear vision for your business and your team; but, act short term – it’s no good having a plan that no one executes, if you spend too much time thinking about the future, you’ll forget about the importance of NOW.

As a side note to that, and of course only my opinion, for the most part, achieving a plan or executing a strategy means lots of hard work and the people who lead the charge and show they're not afraid to get their hands dirty, will always achieve the greatest organisational momentum, both in the short and long term.

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