Monday, 12 December 2011

Who Am I?

Welcome to my blog "Only My Opinion". Before I share some of my opinions with you, I feel it's important to share a little about me, who I am, and what has influenced me throughout my life. After all, as the saying goes, "Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one", so it is important to know how mine have been shaped (opinions that is).

So the relevant stuff.

On a personal note I come from a very diverse family, in which no one person is born in the same country.
My upbringing was simple, nothing in life comes free or easy, family is everything, everything else simply serves to strengthen the family (family extends to close friends too). Nothing is unachievable if you want it enough and are willing to work for it, and failing is ok - just don't make the same mistake twice.

I have spent the last 16 years (in one form or another)in sales, 1 year as a door to door salesman,6 years running my own business and the last 8 and a bit, in media as a senior account manager and Group Sales Manager selling advertising.

I love what I do, and have very much become a student of my art form, both on the sales side and also the managment and leadership side of it.

Like many in my game, I am highly ambitious and competitive, and like to think I am right most of the time (my wife would say all of the time)!!

However what I have realised is, the older I get the less I know. So I continue to study and learn as much as I can about my trade, and in my opinion there is no point learning if you are not going to practice and share what you've learnt, or this case, how you use that knowledge to shape your own opinions on things.

On that note, my intent is that this blog is a place for sharing, so I welcome all thoughts, comments and abuse.

Finally, I am proud of being a salesman; I detest the stereotype of the used car salesmen and believe that GOOD sales people are some of the most effective and effecient leaders, managers and operaters there are.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy "Only My Opinion".
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