Monday, 24 November 2014

People Management - how to avoid Kids Club

I was speaking with a colleague who has recently been promoted to management, and after a rough week he broke and declared - It feels like I am running a kids club!

Ironically my advice to him is probably just as relevant for kids as it is for sales teams. 
There was more to it then what I am going to share, but I thought there were two points that apply to almost every situation:

Treat them like adults

Make sure you're treating them like adults and not children - If you stand over their shoulder, micro manage and show a lack of trust, then they will reflect that in the way they act and respond to you.

Empower them to conduct their roles with autonomy (ensuring they operate with required systems and process) and give them the responsibility of meeting mutually agreed targets.

Adults tend to act more like adults when they are treated as such. 

Keep them busy 

Make sure they're busy, idle hands are restless and will often look for distractions and people to join them in their quest for entertainment (distracting others who may well be busy).

However there is a caveat to this one, make sure its productive / engaging work. Most sales people (employees) want to feel like the work they are doing has value, work for the sake of work will just make staff feel like you don't trust them enough to do something of value and then you can refer back to point number 1.

I would love to hear you thoughts, comments or abuse?

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