Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The day I realized I was not perfect…

The day I realized I was not perfect was the first day I actually started growing. I remember the day very clearly. I was 2 months off being 20, I was running my own business and had for the best part of 18 months been selling my ass off making what I thought was amazing money.

I thought “I am s@#t hot, I’ve got this whole business thing nailed, I am going to be a millionaire by the time I am 25!”

Tax time came. My first since I had started generating good turnover (damn I am going to being paying through the nose), bloody tax man.
Then came the reality check – my business was running at a loss with expenses and operating costs higher than revenue.
The realisation hit me hard, my ego was severely bruised and it took several discussions with mentors and friends before I truly accepted the reality.  However once I had, I finally started to grow as a businessman.

The following year I actually made some money, but what I learnt in that moment of enlightenment is that the moment you think you know everything, you start going backwards.

Every year since, I have made it a habit to sit down, at least twice a year, and self-assess. Every time I do so I find “opportunities for growth” and remind myself I am NOT perfect… But I am little closer then I was last time!

Have you had a moment of enlightenment and when was the last time you self-assessed?
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