Sunday, 12 February 2012

Planning the Ideal sales week

I recently posted a blog about the power of allocating “Hour of powers” throughout your day to improve your effectiveness. Today I want to touch on how to plan your ideal sale week.

Firstly, why we plan. Selling is fundamentally a numbers game with a very basic principle behind the math:

 Greater the # of prospects in the pipeline = greater  # sales. 

This holds true for all levels of experience and expertise, the only thing that changes is your conversation rate, i.e. the better you get, the fewer clients your need to convert sales.  

Setting your ideal sales week essentially revolves around allocating dedicated time to focus on core functions in order to maximise selling time, and by scheduling your weekly work load around these key selling functions.

These core activities are:

1. Planning
2. Prospecting
3. Cold Calling
4. Building Proposals
5. Sales Presentations
6. Client Service
7. Forecasting

Always prioritize client facing work within key business trading times and admin tasks outside of key trading hours.

I know what you’re thinking, “Never going to happen, too many distractions etc. in the real world!”
I agree it’s extremely hard to actually execute this plan on a daily basis, BUT it’s still better to have a plan then not, and anything that helps you be more efficient, more often is a good thing.

 Example Week:

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